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Our Corporate Teambuilding & Workplace Diversity Programs.

1 Day Diversity Teambuild

For those teams that are not in serious conflict, but really need to develop respect, understanding, communication skills, teamwork and accountability.

2 Day Diversity Teambuild

For teams that are simply not understanding and respecting their team members, and are in great need of building better attitudes, diversity understanding, communication skills, ownership, accountability, teamwork and respect for self and others.

2.5 Day Transformational Teambuild

For conflicted and diverse teams who are in great need of building better attitudes, diversity understanding, communication skills, ownership, accountability, teamwork and respect for self and others.
This teambuild introduces the peer built code of conduct and clearing and puts in place team agreements to remove conflict.

12 Month Transformational Teambuild

For conflicted and diverse teams who are in great need of building better attitudes, diversity understanding, communication skills, ownership, accountability, teamworkand respect for self and others.

This teambuild introduces the peer-built code of conduct and clearing and puts in place team agreements to remove conflict.

This sustainability is further maintained with 12 monthly follow-up teambuilds.



I would recommend Mthimkhulu International to any organization that has a diverse group and you would want to get the best benefit from the group.

Gaborekwe KHAMBULE
SA Weather Services


You have left a permanent impression and a loving legacy here.

Ralph Taylor – Times² Academy in Providence - RI, USA.

Cape Town

Our team was transformed over the past weekend. From a diverse team divided down lines of race, language, religion, job title and background we have gone to a team of human beings with a common goal and new values founded in respect.

You may call this a miracle, but it is incredible what can be achieved when you work from a foundation of “at the level of respect all people are equal”.

Fellow BW Brian Moore and his wife Arthie of Mthimkhulu International took our team through an amazing rollercoaster of a weekend.
Not only did we learn more about ourselves, our other team members, the ways we learn and communicate and our different personalities but we had FUN!!

I would recommend Mthimkhulu International and this experience to all businesses and teams without hesitation.

They were absolutely wonderful. They have a way of relating to people on the level they can understand and feel comfortable with and help you to stretch further than you ever imagined possible while still feeling safe and respected.

Liezl Clark - C&S Audio - Cape town, South Africa


Brian and Arthie Moore have a unique way of communicating across various cultural, age, gender and other perceived barriers between people.

James vd Berg - HR Mgr.
SACD - South Africa.


You have obviously put massive thought and development into your product. Thank you.

Tom Clarkson - MD. Hesto Harnesses - South Africa.

Klerksdorp/ Kempton Park

Jan Greyling is saving 100's of people/ days...

The work atmosphere was an absolute nightmare. Nobody wanted to be here. There was very visible hostility.

This has all changed.

Jan Greyling, Eskom, Johannesburg, South Africa.

What I like most is Values Circle© program, which is put in place to sustain the training.
We saved over $10 000 (R75000) in labour lawyer fees.

Jan Greyling, Eskom, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Communication, respect and ownership improved from all sides by 100%.

Jan Vermeulen, Eskom, Ellisras, South Africa

Ellisras/ Warmbad

The respect between different race groups has been restored and some of the people who were negative have changed so much that they have been promoted to higher positions with greater responsibility.

Jan Vermeulen, Eskom, Ellisras, South Africa


Suncoast Casino has already sent over 750 people Eye-Opener programme.

"I have no doubt in my mind that this intervention will go a long way towards creating an environment in which equity in the workplace is not seen as a threat but as an opportunity to diversify our workforce and improve skills."

Million Mbatha – HR Manager - Suncoast Casino & Entertainment World

The Celebrating Humanity Harvest Program© confirmed that we are all people with similar aspirations and values systems.


Inspector Ashley Dove - Durban Metro Police

Our diversity in the workplace and cultural composition should enhance our relationships, rather than fragment them.

Inspector Ashley Dove - Durban Metro Police

This was a life-changing experience.

Inspector Ashley Dove - Durban Metro Police

The transformation at Marburg has been remarkable.

Ian McFadden.
Eskom - RSA

You showed me that there are many ways to deal with diversity in the workplace situations and people, which helped me a lot in my personal life, and in my work.

Celebrating Humanity Harvest© graduate.
Marie Beets, Eskom - RSA

... the diversity in the workplace program did much to lessen tensions in the workplace and to create a more harmonious environment.

John Abercrombie - Rennies Cargo Terminals, RSA

What you do is make a difference.

It is the type of work that can change our whole society for the better.

James Vd Berg
SA Container Depots

Thank you for an inspiring and life changing diversity in the workplace program.

It has changed me and my outlook on life and has definitely helped me to grow as an individual .

Priscilla Munsamy
Ethekwini Municipality - Durban - RSA

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Diversity Training in South Africa

Teambuilding in South Africa

Transformational Teambuilding


Team Building in the Mining Industry - by South Africa's Top
Mining Industry Team-Building Consultants.

Reduce Stress & Stop Wasting Time, Energy & Money on Workplace Conflicts.

Our Mining Clients include:
Namdeb Diamond Mining Corporation - Namibia (2500 delegates)
Assmang Managanese - KZN, RSA. (220 delegates)
Assmang Chrome - Limpopo, RSA. (600 delegates)

Build team work, productivity, ownership
accountability simply and easily
with the
Celebrating Humanity© Team building Programme!

Proven to be one of the most successful transformational team building, diversity team building,
diversity training
workplace diversity management programmes.

How much is your Department, losing to any of the following Workplace Conflict:-

• Negativity and Arguing?
Poor Team work
• Incessant Workplace Gossi
ping & Backbiting?
• Cross-cultural Clashes
• Person
ality Conflicts?
Silly Time-wasting Workplace Disputes?
Frustrating time spent in Dispute Mediation ?
• Unnecessary Labour Lawyers' fees?
• Misunderstandings and Mis-communications.
• Inability to communicate with diver
se clients.
• A lack of Professionalism and Accountability.
• Excessive Absenteeism.
• Racism and Prejudice.

If you, or your team is affected by any of these challenges, then you and your team/s will gain long-term benefit from a Celebrating Humanity© intervention...
Our Multi-diverse and International and South African Team building teams, are in HIGH demand.

Get a Proposal NOW!

Our Teams very successully ran teambuilding, in Namibia, for 2500 Namdeb Diamond Mining Corporation team members, from Chairman of the Board to the Workforce.Some of the Mine's teams were highly conflicted, we put in place our powerful Values Circle programmes and the teams and company were rewarded by greatly increased team respect, harmony, cooperation, team work and productivity!The balance of the teams, their families and the company were impacted by greater understanding of diversity, communication skills, personality skills.

We also had the opportunity to share our work with the local community in Luderitz, through the Namdeb team!

You can, instantly take the stress out of managing and leading your team and free up your team and leadership to do what they are paid to do!

Are you a Managing Director, Company Owner, Government Professional, HR Professional, Manager or Team Leader searching for a solution to interpersonal Workplace Conflict, of any kind?

Are you affected by any of these frustrating, costly and time consuming workplace challenges?

We can help!

We will help to remove these stresses from your workplace and set your willing team up, to manage workplace conflict for you! Your team will create a interpersonal code of behaviour and values to manage their own behaviour!.

YES, it is true! They will mutually decide and agree on what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.

Their "team-managed and ongoing relationship management program" will protect you, your team and your company/ organisation from wasting time managing and stressing out on inter-personal and inter-diversity challenges.

Yes! Place the challenges of workplace diversity management firmly in the hands of your team/s and let them manage interpersonal interactions, on an ongoing basis!

Remember, it only takes a few days to develop respect and united teamwork within your team!

Why Choose Us?

Firstly, this is all that we do!
Our multi-skilled, multi-lingual and multi-diverse International and South African facilitators of change & transformation, have successfully facilitated training and teambuilding programs since 1989. And we have offered our services in the USA, South Africa, Namibia and Zambia!

Our unique knowledge of people, languages, cultures, traditions and communication skills allow us to transform diverse teams and organisations - anywhere in the World.

Our Celebrating Humanity© programs are Fun, Exciting and Non-judgemental AND our Exhilarating Learning metholodogies ensure that delegates really enjoy and internalise their experiences.

Form Object

Our major clients, (with delegate numbers in brackets) include Namdeb Diamond Mining Corporation in Namibia (2500), Suncoast Casino (750), Ethekwini Municipality (400)...
Others clients include Eskom Ltd., First National Bank, Standard Bank, Toyota SA, Times Sqd. Academy, Rhode Island - USA, Bank of Zambia...

BEE info - We are an 81% PDI woman owned, managed and run business.

Remember! You simply need THREE things:

1) A United Diverse Workforce that owns and manages its respect for self and each other!
2) A team completely clear of past inter-personal challenges and united in it's commitment to the future!
3) An "uncomplicated" solution that fully involves you and your team/s and allows you much more hassle-free time to lead your team to greater successes!

... All of which are perfectly reasonable demands!

The Celebrating Humanity© Transformational Team-building program will give you and your team the skills and ability to:

• Reduce wasted management time and unnecessary stress from day ONE!

• Use professionally-designed processes to easily implement workplace transformation with exceptional results!

• Be a part of the process to ensure that it is on track.

• Clear interpersonal challenges with and in your team for a fresh start!

• Ensure that the power-bases do not form and that all team members are equally protected - including YOURSELF!

• Handle the actual challenges facing each team with total buy-in of all team members!

• Powerfully and positively transform the way that you do business in a long-term and effective intervention.

By Mthimkhulu International

The Celebrating Humanity© Program

South Africa

The Celebrating Humanity© program is a highly successful transformational teambuilding program, incorporating intra-personal, inter-personal and inter-diversity awareness and skills training, teambuilding within diverse teams and a peer-driven workplace diversity management and conflict program.


The International Celebrating Humanity© program and its contents are adjusted for the country, company, organisation and region in which it is facilitated. Facilitation teams are client-focussed and adjust activities and processes according to the needs of their customers.

Celebrating Humanity© has been proven to be a highly successful and World-class transformational teambuilding program, incorporating diversity training, teambuilding within diverse teams and a peer-driven workplace diversity and conflict management program.

Community, Family and Social Diversity

The early elements of the program have been proven to transform personal, interpersonal, family and social relationships. Public programs facilitated with people from differing backgrounds, organisations, communities and the many other diversities, have proven to be "life-changing."

Some Outcomes

There are many outcomes to the Celebrating Humanity© program. These are personal, team-based, social and family.

Personal, Social and Family

• Improved understanding of self and accountability for communication and actions.
• Enhanced relationships with self, family and others.
• Personal motivation.
• Greater respect for self and others.
• Improved Communication.
• Skills, awareness and ability to enhance future relationships.
• Personal shift from conflict to caring.


• United Professionalism
• Open & Clear Communication
• Team accountability for actions, communications and outcomes.
• Peer-based and peer-managed workplace diversity management/ leadership.
• Team conflict resolution structure.
• Team clearing of past inter-personal challenges.
• Team Recognition of individual and team performance and achievements.
• Team-accountability for developing communication, understanding, support and discipline.
• Team managed exclusion of negativity, conflict, backbiting, gossiping and other negative behavoiurs.


The non-threatening, fun, inclusive and effective Exhilarating Learning© methodologies actively encourage and support fear-free participation and allow for deep shifts in limiting beliefs and paradigms. Our teams have studied Accelerated Learning in the USA.


Past and current clients include:- HIV SA, Hesto Harnesses, Eskom Ltd, Toyota SA, First National Bank, Ethekwini Municipality, Dept. of Transport, KZN - RSA, BMW SA, Standard Bank - SA, , Discovery Health, SunCoast Casino, Monte Casino, BoE Bank, Engen, SA Weather Services, Assmang Manganese, Assmang Chrome.Namdeb Diamond Mining Corporation (Namibia), Bank of Zambia, Times2 Academy, Providence, RI - USA,

The Celebrating Humanity© Program

Celebrating Humanity rogramms are chosen and adapted according to your needs, the needs of your teams and your organisation. Programs range from 1 day - to full year program - with 5 facilitated sessions.

The full Celebrating Humanity Harvest© program, brings ultimate skills development, transformation, harmony and support..

Each program is available separately and can be facilitated individually, as a team-build, diversity training program or a workplace diversity harmony management program.

(For more info select the programs below - or email us )

Support includes the monthly Celebrate newsletter and email/ telephonic support for graduates.

Public programs are more focussed on individual transformation and the individual's interface and interactions with themself and humanity in general.

We are a Level 4 50% Woman owned BEE Company

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